From a Bipolar Misdiagnosis to Revealing the Dangers of Modern Day Medicine with Kara Mosher

Tina Griffin
At 28-years-old, Kara Mosher checked into a psych ward and within ten seconds of evaluation was diagnosed with bipolar disorder - a diagnosis that would later turn out to be completely inaccurate. Eight years, a half a million dollars, and 30,000 pills later, Kara healed up and woke up to the lies of the pharmaceutical industry, the mainstream media, and the dangers of heavy-duty psychedelic drugs. Discover Kara’s journey as she became entangled in New Age occult magic, astrology, and psychic channeling, and how Jesus Christ walked into her life and changed her heart forever. Kara confirms the spirit world is real and shares the first part of her escape from the demonic deceptions of the New Age in this jam-packed, eye-opening testimony.