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Watch Sacramento Faith TV On These Local Sacramento Channels.

TV Program Schedule

Sac Life Events

Amazing Facts

with Doug Batchelor

Watch Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor
on Sacramento Faith TV every Saturday at 8:00am.

Watch Bayside 4:00pm Sundays!

Watch Senior Pastors from Bay Side Church each week!

Who We Are.

Did you know that right here, right now, in Sacramento, people of faith have our very own public access television station? If you’re a part of the religious community in Sacramento, we’re thrilled to be bringing you the kind of programming you’ve been searching for!  We broadcast both local and national religious programming to tens of thousands of viewers through a dynamic and modernized viewing experience. Sacramento Faith TV is available on Comcast channel 20, Consolidated Communications channel 19, AT&T 14, and online right here on our website.

How it all got started.

In 1988, the Religious Coalition of Cable Television (RCCTV) was established to bring positive, life-affirming programming to the people of California—becoming only the second local network in the nation to have a public access station devoted to serving the religious community! Now 30 years later, the channel has made huge steps forward, evolving from an analog broadcast to now fully digital. We’ve also updated our program signal power and clarity, studio, equipment, and computer systems to better serve our diverse group of viewers and broadcasters.

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